Upcoming Events

  • EURAM 2015 Conference, Warsaw: ‘Organizing creativity for innovation’ track: link

Past Events

  • EURAM 2014 Conference, Lisbon:

In the context of the 2014 European Academy of Management Conference, the EDI network is supporting the call for papers for the session ‘Organizing creativity for innovation. Multidisciplinary perspectives, theories, and practices’.

You can find the call for papers here.

  • ECIE 2013 Conference, Brussels

On the 2013 European Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the EDI network organized a mini-track on Employee-Driven Innovation and Workplace Learning (link). A total of 9 different papers were presented by researchers and practitioners from France, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, Italy and Ghana.

  • EDI conference 2011 Bologna
  • EDI conference 2010 Paris
  • EDI seminar 2009 Twente, The Netherlands
  • EDI conference 2009 Brussels
  • EDI conference 2008 Copenhagen (September)
  • EDI conference 2008 Copenhagen (January)

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