About Employee Driven Innovation

The term ‘Employee-Driven Innovation’ was launched by the Danish LO (Confederation of Trade Unions) around 2007. They published two papers on the concept in 2007 and 2008 in order to refocus the attention in the innovation debate. For long the focus was on technological, user-driven or other types of innovation; neglecting the role and the contribution of the employee. The concept was picked up by research and practice. A network of researchers was organized in 2007 which was to conduct research on the topic, meet regularly and publish the results in journals and books.

Employee-Driven innovation as a concept explicitly focuses the attention of the innovation research on the role of the employee. Employees have unique, accessible and generally free knowledge of the production process, the clients’ wishes and the organizational shortcomings. Employee-Driven Innovation (EDI) can make an essential difference in a company’s short and long term success.





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