Organizing creativity for innovation: EURAM 2015 Call for papers

In the EURAM 2015  (17-20 june 2015) conference in Warsaw, a track will be organized titled: “Organizing creativity for innovation: Multidisciplinary perspectives, theories, and practices”. The track is open to a papers on a variety of subjects focused on creativity and innovation. Papers on ‘Employee-Driven Innovation’ are very welcome.

EURAM 2014 Call for papers: “Organizing creativity for innovation: Multidisciplinary perspectives, theories, and practices”.poland2-euram-260-x-160

This track intends to address research on organisational creativity and innovation. Our objective is to discuss what aspects (i.e. factors, mechanisms, processes, tools etc.) in organisations may hamper and promote creative and innovative efforts and how they can be managed, as well as the dualities and tension generated by creativity when it enters organisations. We intend to combine knowledge from different disciplines and include new frameworks challenging the status quo of research. We will bring together scholars from different disciplines that study socio‐organisational work environments (e.g. within management, organisation, organisational behaviour, HRM, entrepreneurship), socio‐technical systems or physical work environments (e.g. within architecture, interior design, ergonomics). The track also encourages sessions that focus on the role of HR strategies and practices in facilitating innovation and creativity.

We welcome both conceptual/theoretical and empirical contributions with a variety of research strategies including surveys, experiments, case studies, ethnographic studies, discourse studies and reviews. We are interested in “Organising” which includes leadership and human resource management practices (such as recruitment and selection of creative individuals, training and development employees for more creativity, organisational environment design for creativity, physical environment design for creativity, leadership style for creativity, job design for creativity, climate and culture for creativity, etc.). We focus on creativity of the employees in general as well as of employees with a specific creative task (such as designers, consultants, managers, marketers). We also focus on innovation, by including process and product/service innovation but also other types of innovation (e.g. management innovation, employee‐driven innovation, social innovation, ecological innovation for sustainability). We also hope to explore how, on various levels of analysis, organising creativity for innovation can affect firm performance.

Topics include:

  • Organisational design for creativity and innovation
  • Organisational culture and climate for creativity and innovation
  • Work environment design for creativity and innovation
  • HRM for creativity and innovation
  • Leadership for creativity and innovation
  • Strategies for creativity and innovation
  • Knowledge sharing for creativity and innovation
  • Creativity and innovation through collaboration between and within organisations
  • Creativity and innovation in entrepreneurial organisations and SMEs
  • Managing creativity in specific professions and business environments
  • Critical perspectives on organisational design and the organising of creativity and innovation
  • Creative tools and methods for business model innovation


  • Deadline for paper submission: 13 January 2014 (2 pm Belgian time)
  • Notification of acceptance as of 17 March 2014
  • Early bird/authors registration 09 April 2014
  • Authors registration 21 April 2014

Download the call for papers here: Euram_Creativity


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