New Publication: Special issue on Employee-Driven Innovation

The EDI Europe network edited a special issue of the online journal ‘Lifelong Learning in Europe’. A total of 7 research articles were published, next to policy contributions and reviews. logo

All articles are freely accessible on the lline website.

Research articles:

  1. How do we learn in learning laboratories? In pursuit of the optimal learning arena. Steen Høyrup Pedersen (link)
  2. Creative and innovative competence as a task for adult education. Palle Rasmussen  (link)
  3. Public sector innovation: value creation or value loss? Charlotte Wegener  (link)
  4. Mainstreaming innovation in Europe- Findings on employee innovation and workplace learning from Belgium . Stan De Spiegelaere, Guy Van Gyes, Geert Van Hootegem (link)
  5. Employee-driven innovation in practice – Promoting learning and collaborative innovation by tapping into diverse knowledge sources. Tone Merethe Aasen, Oscar Amundsen, Leif Jarle Gressgård, Kåre Hansen (link)
  6. Collective teacher learning through experimentation in VET. Loek Nieuwenhuis, Irma van der Neut, Kirsten de Ries, Christa Teurlings (link)
  7. Reflecting design learning in collaborative development – towards integrative teaching practices in Finnish teacher education. Seija Karppinen, Kauko Komulainen, Veera Kallunki, Sara Sintonen, Arja Kaasinen (link)

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